Pioneering Progress in Challenging Times

Welcome to Steinbeis Ukraine — undaunted by challenges, our enterprise stands resilient, driving innovation and cooperation even in times of crisis. Committed to sustainability and excellence, we are here to build, support, and grow with our community and partners.

STM Ukraine belongs to Steinbeis Network and applies the transfer model which is based on more than 40 years successful technology transfer.

Project examples

Discover our projects and witness innovation in action. At Steinbeis Ukraine, each endeavor showcases our commitment to excellence and resilience, providing tangible solutions that drive progress even in the most challenging times. Explore our portfolio for a glimpse into the future we are building today.

Task Force Rebuilding Ukraine

A program designed to elevate the skills of SMEs in accessing Western markets and financing, fostering collaboration with international companies and institutions for Ukraine’s reconstruction, with a focus on digitalization. Project #1182.

Uzhhorod: “EU Affairs and Economic Project Leadership”

This comprehensive program is designed to equip aspiring professionals, students, and young leaders with the knowledge, skills, and practical insights necessary to excel in the realm of European Union affairs and economic project management, specifically tailored to the Ukrainian context. Project #6107.

Our strategic services in Ukraine

Economic Development and Business Continuity

Assist in the economic rebuilding process by providing strategic planning and investment advisory services.

Attract and advise investors on navigating the Ukrainian market.

Design and support post-crisis reconstruction projects for critical infrastructure.

Crisis Management and Resilience

Help businesses manage and mitigate the effects of current and future crises.

Advise on achieving energy independence and incorporating sustainable energy solutions.

Offer training programs to enhance workforce capabilities in critical sectors.

International Relations and Technological Innovation

Advise on maintaining and establishing trade relations amidst geopolitical challenges.

Facilitate the adoption of innovative technologies to increase competitiveness.

Assist in digital transformation to improve business efficiency and international competitiveness.

Why choose us?


Leverage international expertise. Access specialized knowledge and innovative solutions by collaborating with experts across various industries and fields.


Personalized consultancy and support. Receive individualized attention from our experts who work closely with you to ensure success and growth.


Embrace a culture of entrepreneurship. Partnering with us infuses your projects with the entrepreneurial spirit that drives growth and innovation.


Continuous learning. Stay competitive by enabling your workforce to keep up with the latest trends and technologies in your industry.


Commit to sustainability. Steinbeis Ukraine is dedicated to promoting sustainable business practices that ensure long-term viability.


Transformative R&D. We link theory with practice, providing you with access to groundbreaking research that can transform your operations.