Management of STM Ukraine

From Western Germany to Eastern Europe. Since 1991.

How to be a reliable partner in doing international business? Basis is a profound understanding of the target region. Frequent work sessions on site are a must. My personal availability is a proven success factor.

Juergen Raizner
Co-Founder and Managing Director


Professional Experience:

  • Extensive international business experience since 1991
  • In-depth involvement with Central and Eastern European markets through numerous long- and short-term consultancy sessions
  • Proficient in managing multi-national consortia for EU-funded projects
  • Executed major consultancy projects with reporting responsibilities to international boards and government secretaries of state


  • Established entrepreneur since 1994
  • Founder of Steinbeis Transfer Centers (STCs) in Germany, Austria, Azerbaijan, Romania, and Ukraine

Academic Contributions:

  • Lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Nuertingen-Geislingen (2001-2023)
  • Honored with the University’s Medal of Honor in 2013

Areas of Expertise:

  • Facilitating foreign direct investments and outsourcing for businesses
  • Enhancing the business climate in Central and Eastern Europe
  • Driving innovation through the development of effective university-industry collaborations
  • Promoting knowledge and science-based entrepreneurship, transcending the traditional low-cost manufacturing model

Competency Development

Practical Lifelong Learning: Jürgen Raizner is dedicated to enhancing and broadening his skill set. Annually, he participates in advanced training sessions designed for entrepreneurs and academics. This commitment ensures the maintenance of high-level professional and practical competencies vital for successful project management.

Jürgen Raizner holds the title of Steinbeis’ Certified Consultant, a testament to his expertise and proficiency within the Steinbeis network.