Waste Treatment in Transcarpathian Region

Invitation to become a project partner

The situation with waste treatment in Transcarpathian region is critical, especially, what concerns mountainous territories because of the limited access. Thus, more, than 120 mountainous villages in the region even do not have landfills. Inhabitants of these villages either carry out the garbage to the neighbour towns, where the landfills are, or make illegal landfills, dangerous for environment, or, what is the worst decision, throw out waste direct in rivers.

More than 70% of the acting landfills in the region don’t correspond to the environmental norms and are dangerous.

The problem is very acute and requires immediate measures. It needs a comprehensive approach, which should include not only legislative regulation, replacement of waste treatment infrastructure, but also activities, oriented on raising awareness and enhancing the general education level of population on sustainable, ‘green’ waste treatment.

Within the project it is planned to introduce the courses on waste treatment in the schools of rural areas of the region in order to make the youth familiar with sustainable waste management.

The course will include general information on sustainable waste treatment, on recycling and also, which can practically be implemented by children, waste reuse – use of the items, commonly thrown away.

This project idea is planned to submit for the second Call for Proposals of the Hungary-Slovakia-Romania-Ukraine Cross-border Cooperation Programme.

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