To be improved in Transcarpathian Region: Healthy pregnancy and childbirth

From an idea to the Project

Due to lack of funding and poor hospital equipment there is a low level of medical care in Transcarpathian region, as well as generally in Ukraine. It causes high death rate, especially mortality among newborns and women with pathological pregnancy. Women from the region do not have where to go when they detect a problem, so when they ask for help they are sent to Transcarpathian Regional Clinical Hospital in Uzhgorod. In this case there is a big overloading in the hospital and there is no possibility to provide an appropriate assistance to all in need. Pregnant women have to stay in different departments of the hospital, depending on the identified problem, instead of being placed to a special maternity department, where doctors of different specializations could provide assistance to them without causing additional inconvenience to pregnant women.

In order to solve this problem Uzhgorod Regional Clinical Hospital together with The 1st Military Clinical Hospital in Lublin and NGO Transcarpathian agency for Investments, Innovations and Development have developed the project application and submitted it for participation in Cross-border Cooperation Programme Poland – Belarus – Ukraine 2014–2020.

In the frame of this project it is planned to create the “Regional Center of Pathological Pregnancy” on the basis of Regional Clinical Hospital in Uzhgorod and to upgrade equipment in 1 Military Clinical Hospital, that will ensure women’s confidence in the safety of treatment, the accuracy of the survey and will improve the quality of medical care in cross-border region.

Also partners are planning to establish telemedicine. This technology gives an opportunity for immediate consultation by the involvement of professionals from other, geographically remote, hospitals and institutions. It provides the best opportunities for medical specialists and researchers for advanced medical knowledge through access to the Internet resources and specialized databases of medical and scientific information.

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