Joint Initiative: East-West Young Consortium

Competence Group: LTD «Steinbeis Transfer Management» (Ukraine), Steinbeis Enterprise EAST-WEST Joint Ventures and  Steinbeis Transfer Management SRL (Romania)

In Ukrainian and in some of the Eastern European universities there is a problem of a low level of scientific and research activities. Primarily it is caused by inefficient higher education system with insufficiently fast reaction to market trends which are constantly changing and discrepancies to customer’s needs. Universities are full of gifted students, who form various young scientific organizations and have lots of innovative ideas, but the vast majority of innovative products do not find their customers due to the lack of marketing investigations, proper material and technical base. Not less significant issue is lack of demand on innovative solutions from local companies.Therefore it is imperative to develop a partnership between Western European companies (who have demand for innovation) and Eastern European universities.

A consortium of universities and companies from Germany, Austria, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Ukraine will be established and serve as basis for transfer of innovative technologies from universities to companies (market). It will also improve opportunities for young scientists to implement their inventions. The created consortium will provide implementation of business plans of 2 innovative products (which are chosen by competitive selection among students’ projects) and find companies, who are willing to sell the products.


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