Cross-Border: PL-BY-UA

Cross-Border-Programme Poland-Belarus-Ukraine 2014-2020 offers funding oppertunities until 2020. The Call is open for all Thematic Objectives of the Programme: Heritage, Accessibility, Security and Borders and all their priorities. The total allocation for this Call equals 80,17 M EUR.

In this Call for Proposals the documents were submitted in two steps: first, the lead beneficiaries submitted the Concept Notes with the general information on the project. Next, only selected lead beneficiaries were invited to submit the Full Application Form providing detailed information on the project which would be further assessed. The submission of full application forms ended in the end of June 2017. Now there is a check of submitted projects.

The overall aim of the Programme is to support cross-border development processes in the borderland of Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. The Programme Strategy responds to the national and regional strategies for socio-economic development which shall be implemented by the strategic objectives of the Programme. The Programming document for EU support to ENI Cross-Border Cooperation (2014-2020) sets out three strategic objectives for CBC activities:

  1. Promote economic and social development in regions on both sides of common borders
  2. Address common challenges in environment, public health, safety and security
  3. Promotion of better conditions and modalities for ensuring the mobility of persons, goods and capital.


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